Have you been Keeping Up With Kardashians lately? Don’t worry, we’re not judging you, in fact, we think it’s perfectly fine to indulge in this guilty pleasure right about now. But how well do you know the Kardashians? Cause it turns out lots of people know a lot about Kim but when it comes Khloe, people are way less knowledgeable. That’s where we come in. Today we’re going to tell you some interesting facts about Khloe Kardashian you probably don’t know. And if you already knew this – congratulations, you’re a super fan!

1. Khloe Is The Peacekeeper

The Kardashians are a very dramatic family, it seems like they can go from chilling together to a full-blown catfight in less than a second. And a lot of the time it’s Kim and Kourtney who are prone to drama. And while Khloe is far from being a saint, she’s usually the peacekeeper in the family, she’s the one to point out that this is crazy and that they’re sisters and should not treat each other like that.

2. Khloe’s Baby Is Her World

Khloe has a daughter named True with her ex Tristan Thompson and it seems like she will do anything to ensure her baby’s happiness. Remember that time she threw her kid a massive and very fancy birthday party, even though True will most likely not even remember it? Well now she’s allowed her father Tristan to stay over at her house during quarantine, so that her daughter True can still see her dad even when in isolation. Apparently, it doesn’t change anything about Khloe and Tristan’s relationship status though, it’s just pure co-parenting.


3. Khloe Has Memory Issues

Khloe Kardashian was in a car accident when she was only 16 and it was so bad she literally flew through the windshield window. She’s had memory problems ever since. Apparently, it’s mostly affecting her long-term memory, and it’s really frustrating because she can’t remember a lot of her childhood.

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4. Khloe Is A Bit Obsessive With Cleaning

She never thought about it like that but after she shared her cleaning habits on her blog, she realised that perhaps she’s more into cleaning than the average joe. While most of us find the idea of changing sheets a huge chore that we’ll do maybe once a week – Khloe changes hers every 2 days.

5. Khloe Is Careful Which Side She Sleeps On

It might sound crazy but Khloe is careful about which side of her face she sleeps on. She usually sleeps on her right side, but since her friend said that the right side of her face looks flat from sleeping on it all the time and suggested fillers to correct that, Khloe now tries to sleep on her left side.

6. She Spoils Kim’s Kids

We mentioned before that she threw a lavish birthday party for her own daughter’s first birthday. But it looks like Khloe just loves kids and can’t help herself. She will do anything for them. Remember that one time she bought North a pet hamster before even asking Kim or Kanye if that’s something that they’d be ok with? Pets are a big responsibility, but clearly, Khloe just wanted to make North happy and if that meant buying a hamster – that’s what she’ll do.

7. Khloe Wanted To Get Implants

Considering the popularity of plastic surgery and how easily available it is it’s almost surprising that Khloe didn’t get implants. She even went on a consultation once when she was a teenager, but her father found out and had such a negative reaction that Khloe never got them in the end. In one of her interviews, she has wondered why she never got them even after her father died, but hey, perhaps she just got over the idea.

8. Khloe Went To A Catholic School

The Marymount High School that Khloe and her sisters attended is a Catholic high school for girls. Never would’ve thought that Kardashians went to a Catholic school, would you? But the twist in the story is that Khloe had problems making friends there and felt very lonely after her sisters Kim and Kourtney graduated. She actually wanted to drop out but her parents wouldn’t let her, so the compromise was that she was home-schooled. She got her GED and actually graduated a year early.