7 Bollywood Celebs Who Went From Fat To Fit

Not everyone is gifted with skinny bodies. These stars have faced some weight issues in the past too. But the fit body is everything when it comes to showing business, so they did their best to achieve a dream shape! Let’s face it, we can’t help but admire their struggles on the way to hot bodies. Just sit back and take a look at Bollywood divas who went from flab to fab.


Sonakshi Sinha
fat to fit_1
Her weight loss journey from a plump teen to a hot diva wasn’t an easy task, Sonakshi never really cared about those extra pounds as a kid. In fact, if it wasn’t for her co-star Salman Khan, she would never lose almost 30 kg for her first movie. Some simple mantras helped her lose those extra kilos even though she used to weigh almost 90.


Sonam Kapoor
fat to fit_2
Today’s Bollywood style icon once weighed around 86 kg! Yes, you read it right. Sonam put on some weight while she was studying in Singapore, but shortly after the leading role proposal, she managed to lose almost 35 kg by working out and going on a strict diet. And of course, Sonam Kapoor stunned everyone with her tremendous weight loss when she made an entry in the world of glam.


Kareena Kapoor
fat to fit_3
Bollywood diva worked hard to flaunt her sexy size zero figure in Tashan. Women all over the world might have spent some sleepless nights hoping to achieve such weight loss results. She was one of the first women in Bollywood with size-zero figure. She lost around 28 kg, but now she is not such a big fan of size-zero and still manages to look toned and fit.


Alia Bhatt
fat to fit_4
A stunning Bollywood star who made her debut in “Student of the Year” wasn’t as thin as she is now. Alia was asked to lose 20 kg in 6 months in order to look the part. So, she rose to the challenge and shaded 16 kg in 3 months. Hats off, Alia!


Parineeti Chopra
fat to fit_5
Priyanka’s cousin admits that before entering Bollywood she had some weight issues and weighed 86 kg. She realized that her acting skills alone are not enough for show biz and thus began her slimming endeavor.


Aishwarya Rai
fat to fit_6
Aishwarya Rai’s post pregnancy weight gain got a lot of media criticism. She ignored haters making her family the main priority. But she got into shape shortly and came back flaunting her sexy curves and fit body again. Her weight loss secret is healthy food and regular yoga.


Zarine Khan
fat to fit_7
She is an inspiration for everyone who struggles to lose extra kilos. Considering her flawless figure now, it’s quite hard to believe Zarine used to weigh 100 kg! When she decided to fulfill her ambition of becoming a model she lost all those oodles of fat already within a year. With right diet and exercise, she managed to reduce her weight to 57 kilos. Well done, Zarine!

Does the early bird really catch the worm?

I’ve always disliked morning sex — and I’ve never quite understood why it’s “a thing” in general.

Bad morning breath alone is enough of a turn off for me let alone stinky armpits and — stinky EVERYTHING.

My libido just isn’t there for me in the mornings. Never has been. It’s simply not awake or even close to raring to go until the afternoon or evening.

But within my marriage — this element of a sleepy libido has been an issue.

By the time my husband and I finally get in a bed — alone together — we’re absolutely exhausted. After taking care of all of our daily responsibilities including running a small business and spending time with our children, we are simply spent.

Sexual stimulation within a relationship doesn’t come easy after a long day of laboring through chores and responsibilities.

For me, personally, I need to be ‘in the mood’ — meaning I’ve had a little bit of unwinding time to refocus my mind from kids, computer work, dishes, and washing dirty underwear to a much different kind of dirty mindset.

Housework isn’t a turn on for me. Kids jumping on me and farting on me isn’t a firestarter in the libido department for me either.

I need time to chill after all of those things. I need time to shrug off that feeling of just being a mom, maid, chef, and general go-to person who hasn’t even had a moment alone all day.

As a result of all this, nighttime sex often gets shoved to the wayside and when it does happen, one or both of us are distracted, wound up, or so focused on trying to be quiet (librarian sex!) that intercourse just isn’t as good as it could be.

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So — one morning I decided to do something different. I decided to take some initiative and play around with the dreaded morning sex idea. I forced myself to get out of my comfort zone and give it a go.

I got up early while the kids were still sleeping, brushed my teeth, took my underwear off, and climbed back into bed with my husband to wake him up in a very unexpected way.

It took a minute, but he was pleasantly surprised by my unusual overture.

My sex drive wasn’t terribly strong at first, but the act of doing something new and the pleasing response from my husband was enough to start getting me in the mood.

And so…a a few days later, I initiated morning sex again.

And it was nice. Perhaps not completely fulfilling for me but there’s definitely potential there to warm up to this routine.

Another perk with the early morning sex is that the sun is barely rising and the kids are already asleep. It’s also a great way to get the heart and endorphins pumping for the rest of the day.

And, yes, it is difficult to wake up and get into the groove of morning sex when you’ve been in a deep sleep all night, but it’s also challenging to muster up the energy to connect sexually with your partner when you’re dead tired at night.

Morning sex is turning into a viable solution to connecting with my husband. It’s something new, something different, and it’s my small way of letting my partner know that in the midst of being responsible, hard-working people and parents we can still find those little nuggets of time to be lovers again.

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The Surprising Science of Female Sexual Vocalizations

When I was a teenager and just getting my sexual bearings, coming to sexual maturity and experimenting around, I found the idea of women moaning during sex to be quite odd, to say the least. Honestly, for a few years there I thought it was something that was done in porno movies, a sort of exaggeration of pleasure in the way that lipstick is an exaggeration of red, blood-filled and aroused lips or the way that foundation is an exaggeration of smooth, blemish-free skin that nobody really has.

To me, these were all relics of people trying to embellish certain traits to make themselves more sexually appealing. And thus, I already had a very infantile grasp of the concept of sexual competition. I think we all did, at that age, as we felt around for ourselves within ourselves, discovering who we really were, who we were to become, and as we nervously felt around the bodies of others on occasion. I figured it was just another case of life imitating art and art imitating life in a cycle that regurgitates what we see into what we practice, and what we practice then becomes what we see, and thus gets regurgitated into what we broadcast, and the cycle continues.

The Reality Check

It wouldn’t be until years and years later that I would discover something truly fascinating, that sexual vocalizations are actually built into our biology. If I were to ask you to recall instances when you’ve heard heterosexual couples having sex and asked you which partner was the loudest vocally, which one would you say? In truth, some men are very vocal (and many women love this, by the way) and some women aren’t vocal at all, but on a whole, in every culture, whether you’re on the far eastern reaches of Asia, up north in Finland, or even down south in the rainforests of the Amazon, all over the globe, women are the louder sex when it comes to, well, sex.

Cue Meg Ryan’s epic performance from When Harry Met Sally where she had an orgasm in the restaurant sitting across from actor Billy Crystal, a moment that would basically go down in cinematic history.

But such performances aren’t just a work of art, like that in When Harry Met Sally or those found in pornographic movies and they certainly aren’t a modern thing. Dating as far back as The Kama Sutra the ancient Indian text that deals with erotica, sexuality, and personal fulfillment, mentions of ‘how to’ moan and moan properly can be found. Yes, throughout human history, women seem to have always been the louder sex. It raises quite the puzzling question…why?

It’s especially curious given that much of modern evolutionary theory tends to paint women as the shy, coy, bashful sex who are much less inclined to cut loose and be wild women in the sack. If the prudish portraits of women were true under Darwinian evolutionary theory, wouldn’t we expect to see the opposite? Research is starting to unearth new information that jeopardizes the old ‘standard model’ of evolutionary sex and is beginning to paint a picture that we’re a lot more like bonobos than originally thought; we’re a lot less monogamous than ole’ Darwin would like us to believe and a lot more promiscuous.

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Our Primate Relatives

Among species of primates, humans aren’t the only ones with a loud, proud vocalizing female when sex takes place. Primatologist Meredith Small thinks she might have some of the answers to our question. A sample of 550 primate vocalizations was taken and the results became strikingly clear as they were analyzed, such vocal sounds aren’t made in any other situation a primate might find themselves in. They’re reserved specifically for sex.

What’s more, in primates, vocalizations can communicate a lot about the female in question, namely, overall health, fertility, and place in the ovulatory cycle, cueing men in on what they’re likely to get out of a sexual encounter with said female. In a sense, it’s advertising and a form of strategy to bring in new males in order to try and mate with them. This means that while mating with one male, a female might be sending signals to other males to advertise her robust sexual health and try to capitalize on any other guys who may have gotten turned on and want to get in on the action. The whole thing reeks of a gangbang in the making. There’s a whole lot more to this story that we’ll return to after a brief interlude back into the world of human sexual vocalizations…

The Standard Model of Evolutionary Sex

Most of us by now know the so-called ‘standard model’ of the theory of sexual evolution, the idea that women have a limited number of ova, men have billions of sperm, thus men are basically indiscriminate and ready to pounce on anything that even remotely looks warm and slightly resembles the same species, while women are much more selective about their choosings and who they mate with because, in the end, they can only have one or two children a year while the boys can inseminate countless females. Women want one stand-up guy, they tend to be more lovey-dovey and in line with romantic type thinking, men want an abundance of women and tend to be more in line with sexual thinking and poof, the two constantly come into conflict over these general preferences which lead us in opposite directions.

Let’s turn this theory on its head, shall we?

The Sperm Wars

One of the first major challenges to the ‘standard model’ came from a book titled Sperm Wars: Infidelity, Sexual Conflict, and Other Bedroom Battles (available here through an affiliate link) in which the idea of the coy female who sought to mate with the one, the best partner she could find began to come under theoretical siege.

Sperm Wars was quite controversial, in its day, and it still is today for the fact that it spells out in plain English that in the battles of evolutionary theory, women would make out better by sleeping with more than one man and ‘pitching’ the seed of the less genetically fit man. Alas, the tides of revolutionary war had turned and now men were starting to feel the brunt of scientific explanations (note: not justifications) for normatively bad behavior.

It seems that women might have just as much to gain as men from copulating with multiple males, from extra-pair copulations (read: infidelity), and even ethically non-monogamist sex, something we’re starting to see more and more of in the post-Christian era, a time when our sex lives are no longer dictated by the powerful whims of the church.

In short, we’ve even discovered all sorts of mechanisms such as ‘kamakaze sperm’ which don’t actually try to impregnate ova, but rather, they seek to find other men’s sperm and destroy them, allowing their fellow comrades in tails to reach the finish line and become another human life in due course.

Around 40% of a man’s sperm are thought to be ‘fighter sperm’ or ‘kamakaze sperm’ that don’t actually try to impregnate women, instead, they basically act like a blocker in football and try to allow other sperm to reach the end zone. The almost-militant strategy is all-too-real and it all takes place unconsciously at the level of our cells. What’s even more interesting, if a man suspects his partner has been unfaithful in a modern relationship setup, the number of ‘kamakaze sperm’ increases so that the man would have the more likely advantage when it comes to the reproductive battle.

Come Hither

As is noted in the book by Christopher Ryan Ph.D. titled Sex at Dawn: How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships, from which I draw many of these references, the female vocalizations is likely a call to any nearby males in humans, too:

British primatologist Stuart Semple found that, “In a wide variety of species, females vocalize just before, during or immediately after they mate. These vocalizations,” Semple says, “are particularly common among the primates and evidence is now accumulating that by calling, a female incites males in her group….” Precisely. There’s a good reason the sound of a woman enjoying a sexual encounter entices a heterosexual man. Her “copulation call” is a potential invitation to come hither, thus provoking sperm competition.”

And now it all starts to come together. I hate to use this term, but it fits, women moan as a mating call to additional males. Some have suggested that it’s to maximize sexual encounters and let the sperm do their work and provide her with the best possible offspring, regardless of who sticks around to raise the children, however, it should be noted, that for most of human history, children were raised in groups and paternity (the nuclear family unit) is an extremely modern invention.

It All Comes Together in the End…

What’s more, in species that are more monogamous, female copulatory vocalizations (moaning) was less emphatic, less intense, less complex, and generally less powerful than in species that were more polygynous or otherwise non-monogamous species. That is, if such vocalizations were present at all.

There seems to be a relationship between sexual non-monogamy and the frequency and vibrance of copulation calls which are thought to signal other men and get them aroused to come to join in on the action.

This raises the question: where do humans fall on this scale between monogamous and non-monogamous? What do we want? Do we actually want monogamy? I tend to think not and there’s a growing body of scientific literature supplanting the old body of scientific literature that suggests that animals and humans are a lot less monogamous than we thought. As has been noted in The Myth of Monogamy: Fidelity and Infidelity in Animals and People, only three percent of species have turned out to be truly monogamous; even species of birds that we once thought to be totally monogamous have turned out to be anything but. We’re starting to discover that a whole lot more animals are fathered by extra-pair copulations (infidelity) than previously had been believed, as we drive a split into the concepts of social monogamy and sexual monogamy.

If we were to observe polyamorous relationships today from a third-party lens, only seeing parts of what was going on, we might come to the same conclusions that those are just monogamous couples, because like my relationship, we practice social monogamy. That is, people tend to think we’re a run-of-the-mill, monogamous group of people who are just friends with only a few trusted parties ever becoming privy to our little secret.

All of this means that both animals and humans are likely much less monogamous than we have always thought and the idea of a secure, happy, lasting, loving, monogamous relationship might be much more myth than reality (sorry for bursting anyone’s bubbles). The truth is, this might run much deeper into the fabric of our DNA that we want to admit. But fear not, non-monogamy isn’t all that bad. In fact, it’s much, much preferable to the monogamous relationships I’ve been in. I actually really enjoy non-monogamy and just accepting that we don’t have to be rigid monogamists, embracing our natural, human roots and accepting that maybe we weren’t designed for the lifelong romance that’s the stuff of novels and stories. I’m okay with this.

In the end, women moan because humans are likely not at all a monogamous species. We sometimes just like to pretend we are, but our biology is rooted in non-monogamous practices, up to and including copulatory vocal responses.

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By Landon Funk

The world wants menstruators to feel ashamed of our periods. Think about it. It was only recently when tampon and pad commercials started using red liquid instead of blue to show the flexibility and durability of their products. Menstruators are made fun of in middle school when their blood accidentally seeps onto their clothing.

We are told that our bodies are filled with shame, and that we do not deserve to be open about our periods, leaving most of us in the dark about what is really going on in our bodies.

And when it comes to sex — an already stigmatized act — on our periods, most of us “opt out” because we do not want our partner to think we are disgusting (even though we are probably super horny because our eggs really want(ed) to be fertilized). In fact, I have felt that I needed to be the first person in my relationships to say that sex on my period was off the table because I believed that I was gross…and I did not want to hear my partner say that I was gross too. I have never had a partner say that period sex was something that they would not do, and most of my partners have treated like there was no difference between sex and period sex.

These partners were/are right. There isn’t.

Period sex can be just as fun as what you consider to be “normal” sex. The only thing is different? Put a towel down if you don’t want to ruin the area on which you are having intercourse.




If your partner thinks that period-sex is gross, I encourage you to show them this article or other research backing up period sex. If they don’t want blood on their face or genitals, then that’s one thing. But to say that your period makes you sexually unattractive is a completely different thought. Talk with your partner to see if your period is “okay with them.” If they continue to tell you how disgusting you are, then you and I both know what you need to do. Hint: get rid of them.

Anything you can do without having your period, you can do and potentially do better on your period. Sexy time should be fun, and you should feel confident whether you are on your period or not. Which is why Funky Feminist has partnered with THINX, a period-proof underwear brand that makes you feel bold and brave when you are on your period (enter code FUNKY for $10 off your order).

Plot twist, I wear them on non-menstruating days too because they make me feel secure, confident, and incredibly proud of my body. Name another brand of underwear that you can free-bleed in AND feel good about yourself. I’ll wait.

As my partner will tell you, my favorite pair of THINX are high-waisted and black. They make me feel like a bootylicious marvelous Mrs. Maisel. A bit retro, these goodies are my go-to when I am heavy bleeding and want to seduce my partner. And here you thought that those two things were mutually exclusive.

Being on your period and having the confidence to have sex with your partner or go through your day to day life is something you shouldn’t have to think about. It should just happen. At the end of the day, menstruation is a normal part of menstruators’ lives. We were born with eggs that want to be fertilized, and it is okay for our uterine lining to shed. That is basic biology after all.

Whether or not you purchase a pair of THINX, I encourage you to find a way to feel sexy when you are on your period. You’ll find it — I know you will.

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Have you been Keeping Up With Kardashians lately? Don’t worry, we’re not judging you, in fact, we think it’s perfectly fine to indulge in this guilty pleasure right about now. But how well do you know the Kardashians? Cause it turns out lots of people know a lot about Kim but when it comes Khloe, people are way less knowledgeable. That’s where we come in. Today we’re going to tell you some interesting facts about Khloe Kardashian you probably don’t know. And if you already knew this – congratulations, you’re a super fan!

1. Khloe Is The Peacekeeper

The Kardashians are a very dramatic family, it seems like they can go from chilling together to a full-blown catfight in less than a second. And a lot of the time it’s Kim and Kourtney who are prone to drama. And while Khloe is far from being a saint, she’s usually the peacekeeper in the family, she’s the one to point out that this is crazy and that they’re sisters and should not treat each other like that.

2. Khloe’s Baby Is Her World

Khloe has a daughter named True with her ex Tristan Thompson and it seems like she will do anything to ensure her baby’s happiness. Remember that time she threw her kid a massive and very fancy birthday party, even though True will most likely not even remember it? Well now she’s allowed her father Tristan to stay over at her house during quarantine, so that her daughter True can still see her dad even when in isolation. Apparently, it doesn’t change anything about Khloe and Tristan’s relationship status though, it’s just pure co-parenting.


3. Khloe Has Memory Issues

Khloe Kardashian was in a car accident when she was only 16 and it was so bad she literally flew through the windshield window. She’s had memory problems ever since. Apparently, it’s mostly affecting her long-term memory, and it’s really frustrating because she can’t remember a lot of her childhood.

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4. Khloe Is A Bit Obsessive With Cleaning

She never thought about it like that but after she shared her cleaning habits on her blog, she realised that perhaps she’s more into cleaning than the average joe. While most of us find the idea of changing sheets a huge chore that we’ll do maybe once a week – Khloe changes hers every 2 days.

5. Khloe Is Careful Which Side She Sleeps On

It might sound crazy but Khloe is careful about which side of her face she sleeps on. She usually sleeps on her right side, but since her friend said that the right side of her face looks flat from sleeping on it all the time and suggested fillers to correct that, Khloe now tries to sleep on her left side.

6. She Spoils Kim’s Kids

We mentioned before that she threw a lavish birthday party for her own daughter’s first birthday. But it looks like Khloe just loves kids and can’t help herself. She will do anything for them. Remember that one time she bought North a pet hamster before even asking Kim or Kanye if that’s something that they’d be ok with? Pets are a big responsibility, but clearly, Khloe just wanted to make North happy and if that meant buying a hamster – that’s what she’ll do.

7. Khloe Wanted To Get Implants

Considering the popularity of plastic surgery and how easily available it is it’s almost surprising that Khloe didn’t get implants. She even went on a consultation once when she was a teenager, but her father found out and had such a negative reaction that Khloe never got them in the end. In one of her interviews, she has wondered why she never got them even after her father died, but hey, perhaps she just got over the idea.

8. Khloe Went To A Catholic School

The Marymount High School that Khloe and her sisters attended is a Catholic high school for girls. Never would’ve thought that Kardashians went to a Catholic school, would you? But the twist in the story is that Khloe had problems making friends there and felt very lonely after her sisters Kim and Kourtney graduated. She actually wanted to drop out but her parents wouldn’t let her, so the compromise was that she was home-schooled. She got her GED and actually graduated a year early.


It’s how you get what you want.

In hostage negotiation we always had a saying “What’s it going to take to get the hostage taker to come out? He’ll tell you.” But you have to learn to do more than just listen passively or try to talk them into anything. You have to work with what you get out of them to make a deal.

My company now teaches this tactical negotiation approach in business.

Here’s how an employee used listening to get a salary offer 41% higher than expected:

Bob (not his real name) is interviewing within his company for a promotion. He knows what the market salaries are for equally qualified candidates. He’s recently been promoted within his company for exemplary work. The company typically contracts out this aspect of their human resources (HR) process so it will be unbiased and impartial. The company values loyalty. Offers generally come with very little room to negotiate.

The negotiation between Bob and the HR professional took place over the phone. It starts by pleasantly getting right down to business.

The HR professional starts right off by telling Bob he seems ideal and is highly recommended by management. Bob thanks him but then asks, “What reasons lead management to say so?” to get this into the conversation.

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The HR professional answers and says he has some questions of his own.

HR: “Are you looking for other offers either within or without the company?”

BOB: “Yes, both. It seems to be a great time to do so. It appears companies, including ours, are really trying to capture high quality talent.” (This is a great pivot and becomes an important element to work from, but it also has to be confirmed and brought into the conversation by the counterpart.)

HR: “That’s right. We are actually looking to move pretty quickly on this Bob. If we made you the right offer would you accept?”

BOB: “If I was given the right offer, I would accept. It seems that you already have a number in mind.” (This is another great pivot and the dance of who will name price first has begun.)

HR: “Actually, we factor in a lot of things. The number can change A LOT.”

BOB: “The number can change a lot? What are the parameters that impact it?”

HR: “That’s right. All sorts of things in the job market, but mostly how well you fit. There are numbers such as market penetration and your level’s salary that all play into it. We want you to have a competitive salary comparatively. So what number would do it for you?”

BOB: “Well, as you may be able to see from my file, I have accepted two lateral promotions in the past, which was great for my career, but didn’t offer any increase in pay. It seems from talking with other folks in the company, management will often let talent slip out because of this. You have indicated that we would like to close this quickly and that the job market really does seem to support this. I would like to know that my salary is competitive, but more so, demonstrates that our management really would like to retain me and values me highly. You also indicated that there are a lot of factors that can cause an offer to fluctuate in order to reflect this.”

HR: “That’s right.”

BOB: “That’s good, I would like the number to reflect what I summarized. How does what I stated impact the offer?” (Bang — right back on the counterpart, but in a completely respectful and even deferential way.)

HR: “It means that I can go work this and put a number in front of you that will make this an easy decision for you. As I said, we want to move quickly. Let me get on this and get this to you as fast as I can.”

Five days later the company tenders an offer that is 41% higher than what Bob assessed might have been offered based on a number of other internal factors.

To sum up what happened:

  1. Neither side tried to “rig” the negotiations with a series of yes-oriented questions.
  2. Bob teased out and confirmed some things he thought were true, but had to confirm his hypotheses in an open manner designed to elicit information without trying to lay a trap. He did it fairly, giving his counterpart opportunity to add or subtract information.
  3. At the final dreaded “he/she who names price first loses” moment, Bob responded with a summary and then an effective pause. Meaning he shut up and respectfully waited for a response. There is only one response to a proper summary — “that’s right”.
  4. Once confirmed, he respectfully shifted the next move back to his counterpart, leaving him feeling in control. The secret to gaining the upper hand in a negotiation is giving the other side the illusion of control.

Five days later. Rain.

Make it rain!

Source : Medium

30-Days Sex Challenge

The life is full of various challenges. Sometimes, waking up in the morning is a daily challenge too. But social media influencers set new trials nearly daily. 30-days beach body challenge, 30-days workout challenge, 30-days avocado challenge, etc. Men mostly hate those struggling to live with comfort while their partners try hard to complete the race. But this time we can offer something special for guys – 30-days sex challenge.

Who doesn’t like making love? Especially when you have no long standing partner and can afford going out with new girls daily. The next month can give you a valid reason to make your girlfriend (or girlfriends) tsleep with you once a day with no excuses. So, here is the deal:

Basic rules

This challenge is as simple as it could be – all you need is having sex once a day. You can make it twice, but no credits follow. It can work only for your own appreciation of your male power. You can’t miss the next day or skip sex time on the previous one.

Sex types

All types of lovemaking are allowed. When there is an interaction – the day is counted as a valid one. Some guys prefer more oral sex than regular frictions and that still works. So, basically you are free to choose from the types of pleasure you want.

Time for action

There is no need to launch a timer as you two (or three, or even more) jump into the bed. The challenge is called to improve your sex life, so just relax and enjoy the show. It doesn’t matter if you like it quick or prefer long lovemaking – it still counts.

Location choice

Do not stay in bed. That’s good and you know the poses that work best for you there, but 30-days sex challenge is the time to explore. Any surface in your house fits – go and try it. It happens that couples discover new spots to give them double pleasure and they have never thought about making love there. Create a schedule where you list all rooms and surfaces to try for your sex games – we guarantee you a wonderful adventure.

Sex toys

Those men who have one partner for a long time admit that their sex life is not as passionate as it was in the beginning of their relations. This challenge is a wonderful opportunity to spice up their intimacy and try some new approaches. This is why buying some sex toys is a wise thing to do.

Rough days

There are days when partners hate to see each other. One tiny misunderstanding leads to huge fights and couples split for a whole night sleeping in separate rooms. That is not the reason you should break challenge rules. But who makes love when there are blocks between you two? First of all find ways to make peace as soon as possible. Then use some of your sexiest moves and poses to attract your partner and only after that complete your challenge. Couples, who went through all 30 days say it helped their relationship a lot and they are now more caring and understanding to each other.


Korean hysteria is still on. Since the moment K-Pop entered our lives – people from all continents found their true love. Girls dream of Korean husbands, guys are looking for Asian girlfriends. There is a theory that they have conquered us with rainbow videos, photos and other items. Old good Europe, conservative Australia and stylish America have lived with a feeling that all those fancy pink, purple and blue outfits with cartoon characters are only for kids.

Once we grow up – we should choose more calm palette and try to differ from teens for as much as we can. But then there comes this Korean blessing and people around us transform. They are not afraid of showing off in unicorn t-shirts and other cute outfits. Seems like the whole world became brighter.

But Sous Korea is not only about unicorns, kawai and rainbows. It is also about beautiful people. Have you seen their professional models? Thin and delicate ladies with pale complexion and deep dark eyes. If you think their women are proud owners of teen-like bodies – you should slap yourself into a face and take a look at these stunners:

Chaeeun Sarah Lee

A professional model and actress who can brag with some quite impressive contracts. Chuu Korea, WingsGirl and K-Star are on her list and yet is more to come. You can find her in some of the most successful music videos and popular TV shows. Camera loves Chaeeun Sarah Lee and this love is forever. With thin waist and nice boobs and bottom she will always have new roles.


Her real name is Lee Sang Bi and she is another successful model and instagrammer. If you love girls with long hair and unique appearance – don’t miss to subscribe. She shares rather revealing photos and is not afraid to show off her body in tiny swimsuits. About 250,000 are watching her every move. We should say here, that Banana is quite busy: she’s appeared in several music videos, including MASC’s ‘Strange’ and Elo’s ‘Rose.’

Gabi Moon

When you first look at her photo – there is only 1 thought in the head: ‘Is she from space?’ She has non typical face for South Koreans, but she is of Korean origin. Her WOW moment is the hips. Gabi is often compared to Jennifer Lopes over this body part. And is you are looking for some really hot Insta girl to follow – Gabi Moon won’t disappoint you. Her profile was granted top 10 sexiest Insta accounts by 10 Magazine.

Lee Hee Eun

One of the most hated and the most loved Korens in this list. Why loved? – Just look at her photo. Why hated? – Go check it once again. She is a fashion designer and she needs no models to sell her items. Lee has flawless figure and she often promotes her own outfits. Thus her followers bullied her for what they thought were all-photoshopped images. As someone couldn’t be just that gorgeous. Her reply was fascinating – she shared a video of her posing in all-tight latex overall.

Kang Ye-Bin

This lady with gorgeous body is 35 but men are still at her feet. And recently she got into a trouble. Sex scandal gained momentum when the gossip industry brought rumors she had sponsors. That’s a huge trouble for every girl in South Korea. The reputation will be ruined forever. But Kang Ye-Bin dealt with it and keeps making us happy with hot pictures in her Insta.

What is sexiness? When browsing through Insta accounts we meet numerous models’ profiles. They try to attract the audience with huge boobs and big butts. But when we get too much of it – we just start looking for something else. Our eyes need some new unique features to get real pleasure. And when we come across someone like our today’s hero – our jaws drop.

Meet one of the sexiest girls on Instagram. Her name is Natascha Encinosa and she is a popular personal trainer, model, online coach and all-round fitness enthusiast. But her story is even more inspiring when digging deep into details of her bio. She was born back in 1996 and was just like millions of other kids all over the globe.

But in her teens she realized she was a bit overweight and kept gaining. Although her family and friends supported her as much as they could, there was one event chat turned her world upside down. Natascha fell in love with a nice guy and they even dated for a while. But then suddenly her boyfriend said he wanted to break up. She just wanted to know what happened. So, he said she was too fat for an awesome pall like him.

What do girls do next under such circumstances? Break into tears, feel pity about themselves, grab an ice cream. And right after that they start thinking on their own revenge plan. Natascha just wanted to prove he was so wrong about her. She wanted him to feel sorry and at least make a step for their reunion.

Encinosa went to the gym. She was a skilled dancer and was only interest in starting her fitness workouts. But never dared to visit gyms or hire personal trainers. With support of family and friends, Natascha started working out. Soon she came to 2-hour trainings 5 times a week. What was her aim? To get super fit and sexy legs. The aim was reached in 4 years.

She adored her new look: fit butt, thin waist and massive hips – 66 cm each. One day they just became larger than her waist and that made Natascha so proud of herself that she decided to share her amazing results on Instagram. Is there a need to say she won her thousands of followers pretty fast. They encourage her with romantic comments, although there are are guys who have dirty thoughts when looking at her photos.

She often receives messages from men asking her to squeeze their heads between her legs, etc. however, most of followers are friendly. They say she looks like a sexy centaur or Chun-Li – a character in Capcom’s Street Fighter series. She was the very first female fighter and made millions of men dream of her. Just like miss Encinosa today.

Her shots look more than impressive. Especially those where she strikes her pose in dresses with super high cuts. Followers even start arguing about any lingerie present on her while taking those kinky and hot photos.

The 31-year old was born as Lilit Martirosyan in Armenia. The girl had typical appearance for the region with somewhat dark skin and long black hair. However, when the girl just saw a Barbie doll with stunning blue eyes and blond locks she realized how hard she wanted to be just like her. If those were the dreams of a poor Armenian girl – they would have left there in her fantasies. But Lilit had money as here family was quite rich.

How could loving parents deny an innocent request of their princess to slightly improve the way she looked? Well, it started like that and all family and friends were sure Lilit would stop after the first procedure. As she was considered beautiful and there were dozens of admirers ready to pop the question to her.

[the_ad_placement id=”between-content”]However, marriage was not something to rise her interest. She dreamed of a career and new boobs. And she just went for it. Lilit’s parents were shocked to see how drastically their daughter transformed her face and body. She died her hair blonde and got her dreamed blue eyes. Then, of course, she wen through her boob job and enlarged her lips. Rhinoplasty made her nice authentic nose thin and weird looking if compared to those huge eyes and plump lips.

[the_ad_placement id=”ads-in-feed”]Was that the reason to stop? Martirosyan’s answer is ‘NO!’. Then she decided her butt was not good enough. She looked at those insta stunners and their gym struggles. First she thought she could join an army of working out girls in order to improve her bottom. But why to sweat at the gym if you have some $5,000 for new bum. Weeks of recovery instead of months of working out and her new body part was close to perfection.

Rather conservative Armenians considered her too weird. Opinions differ: some of them thought she was too brave to break the rules, but the others thought she had ruined her own beauty and looked more like a cyborg now.

[the_ad_placement id=”ads-in-feed”]Lilit realized 1 thing – she became a foreign native. So, there was the only right decision – to run away. She has changed her name to Lily Morto and moved abroad. She tasted the freedom in Europe and stayed in Milano for study. Lily dreams to be a designer and a significant figure in fashion industry.

[the_ad_placement id=”between-content”]Morto woke up famous after participating in a reality show where Rodrigo Alves (a guy who went through multiple surgeries to look like real life Ken doll) was looking for a mate. Morto says there was a sparkle between them, but it was not enough for serious relationship.

However, the girl met her true love and is now dating a cute and rich plastic surgeon. The couple is enjoying their luxury life, traveling together and seems to be really happy.

This love affair made the difference: now Lily shares less provocative images with her followers. No naked bums and huge boobs close ups. Just a girl who looks quite different from average instamodels.