A hotel room is a home away from home. Hundreds or even thousands of strangers from every corner of the world may sleep there. To ensure the safety of guests, the hotel should have the same standards of cleanliness that guests do at home.

Keep reading and try the following measures to achieve a clean hotel room to help improve the odds of your guests staying healthy.

Grab Some Mildew Remover From a Hospitality Supplier

Mildew remover can be helpful. With just one spray, you can get rid of tough, ugly mold and mildew — without scrubbing. The unique formula whitens tile and grout and dissolves soap scum as you spray.

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Powdered Detergent to Wash Bed and Bath Linens.

Powdered detergent is a popular choice for commercial laundry facilities such as hotels. With the power to fight a wide variety of tough stains on many different kinds of fabrics, It is a good choice for hotels and motels.

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Avoid the Glassware

There’s no guarantee that your hotel room glasses and mugs aren’t simply rinsed off under the tap by the cleaning staff, or even wiped down with the same sponge that’s used to clean other parts of the bathroom. The quick way to deal with this is to start providing plastic cups for in-room coffee and tea.

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