By Landon Funk

The world wants menstruators to feel ashamed of our periods. Think about it. It was only recently when tampon and pad commercials started using red liquid instead of blue to show the flexibility and durability of their products. Menstruators are made fun of in middle school when their blood accidentally seeps onto their clothing.

We are told that our bodies are filled with shame, and that we do not deserve to be open about our periods, leaving most of us in the dark about what is really going on in our bodies.

And when it comes to sex — an already stigmatized act — on our periods, most of us “opt out” because we do not want our partner to think we are disgusting (even though we are probably super horny because our eggs really want(ed) to be fertilized). In fact, I have felt that I needed to be the first person in my relationships to say that sex on my period was off the table because I believed that I was gross…and I did not want to hear my partner say that I was gross too. I have never had a partner say that period sex was something that they would not do, and most of my partners have treated like there was no difference between sex and period sex.

These partners were/are right. There isn’t.

Period sex can be just as fun as what you consider to be “normal” sex. The only thing is different? Put a towel down if you don’t want to ruin the area on which you are having intercourse.




If your partner thinks that period-sex is gross, I encourage you to show them this article or other research backing up period sex. If they don’t want blood on their face or genitals, then that’s one thing. But to say that your period makes you sexually unattractive is a completely different thought. Talk with your partner to see if your period is “okay with them.” If they continue to tell you how disgusting you are, then you and I both know what you need to do. Hint: get rid of them.

Anything you can do without having your period, you can do and potentially do better on your period. Sexy time should be fun, and you should feel confident whether you are on your period or not. Which is why Funky Feminist has partnered with THINX, a period-proof underwear brand that makes you feel bold and brave when you are on your period (enter code FUNKY for $10 off your order).

Plot twist, I wear them on non-menstruating days too because they make me feel secure, confident, and incredibly proud of my body. Name another brand of underwear that you can free-bleed in AND feel good about yourself. I’ll wait.

As my partner will tell you, my favorite pair of THINX are high-waisted and black. They make me feel like a bootylicious marvelous Mrs. Maisel. A bit retro, these goodies are my go-to when I am heavy bleeding and want to seduce my partner. And here you thought that those two things were mutually exclusive.

Being on your period and having the confidence to have sex with your partner or go through your day to day life is something you shouldn’t have to think about. It should just happen. At the end of the day, menstruation is a normal part of menstruators’ lives. We were born with eggs that want to be fertilized, and it is okay for our uterine lining to shed. That is basic biology after all.

Whether or not you purchase a pair of THINX, I encourage you to find a way to feel sexy when you are on your period. You’ll find it — I know you will.

Source : Medium